Why We Recycle


So why do we do it you might ask? Well we recycle for 3 reasons.

#1 is cost. The cost of disposing materials into a landfill not only hurts our bottom line but the cost to the environment. Its a waste of our natural resources of which with a growing population is slowly diminishing over time.

#2 is our children’s future. As more resources are used up the cost of the remaining resources will be driven up making it hard for our children to live a decent life. By saving usable materials now instead of letting them be dumped in a landfill we can protect those natural resources for our children today.

#3 is because its the right thing to do. Its the moral thing for us since being in the construction business we generate a large amount of waste in packaging. We recycle everything we can. Even a home with old solid flooring we will reclaim it for another use. We do everything in our power to make sure we are as efficient as possible when it comes to waste.

Some of the products we sell even already use recycled material. Sono-Pan underlay andĀ panelingĀ for instance uses recycled tires to create great soundproofing materials which are very important for homeowners in their TV rooms as well as commercial apartment properties looking to soundproof the floor and walls in townhouse and condominium developments.